Fluorinated Compounds in Italy

Al-gom is a leading Italian company in the production of rubber seals. For us, client feedback is more important than anything else. We offer advice when needed, but happily comply when given very clear and specific directives regarding choice of materials to be used. Our production is based on hundreds of compounds, to which we have added those that were developed specifically on customers’ requests.
macchinario per la lavorazionie di elastomero

Types of Elastomers

Elastomers and rubbers are identified by acronyms or initials internationally, basis the type of families with specific peculiarities they come from.

Each single compound (which is obtained by the union of an elastomer with various chemical agents that stabilize and colour it) is then characterized by hardness, with tolerances imposed by the producer that are expressed in +/- 5 Shore IRHD.

There are therefore many types of elastomers, each with different chemical and physical characteristics, which may lend themselves to the different needs of our customers.

List of materials used

"There is ... Rubber and rubber"
For the production of compounds, Al-gom has been collaborating with national and international leaders with proven experience and reliability.
Thanks to these partnerships, Al-gom is able to produce more than 300 different compounds, both standard as well as thosedeveloped specifically for special needs and as per the specifications of our customers.
Various compounds correspond to the following specifications: WRC, DVGW, WRAS, FDA, UL, KTW, ACS, EN 549, EN 681, EN 682, W270, W534.
The main compounds that wemould are:
NR Natural Rubber
NBR Nitrile
FKM Fluoroelastomer
FVMQ Fluorosilicone
AU Polyurethane SBR Styrene Butadiene
NBR Hydrogenated Nitrile
ACM Acrylate Ethylene CR Chloroprene
EPDM Ethylene Propylene
VMQ Silicone
AEM Rubber Ethylene-Acrylic

lavorazione materie plastiche
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