Production of O-rings in Italy

At Al-gom, the production of industrial rubber seals is mainly divided into threesubcategories: O-rings, rubber and metal rubber, and finally, technical rubber parts. All our products are manufactured following the technical guidelines of the customer, paying necessary attention to their customization needs.
Guarnizioni in gomma e metallo

Rubber and Metal Rubber

One of our production departments is solely dedicated to rubber and metalrubber products. In our plant at Lombardy, we process copper-iron rings with FKM profile rubbersfor marine engines.
We rely on all kinds of rubbers including FKM rubbers, which are extremely resistant to high temperatures. 

Our Products

"Much more than just a piece of rubber"
What we make is much more than just a piece of rubber. Our products are intended for companies operating in various industries, ranging from shipbuilding, food and lighting to petrochemical, hydraulic, gas, pneumatic transport, vacuum components and heating.
Our product range includes:

Rubber and metal parts (molding)
  • Rings of rubberized metal
  • Rollers coated with rubber
  • Suction cups with metal insert
  • Disc Wheel, washers with insert
Technical articles in rubber
  • bellows
  • dust boots
  • Exchangers air / water heat
  • frames
  • O-rings in special material FKM
  • O-rings with diameters up to 1500 mm
  • for hydraulic pumps membranes
  • rubber pulleys for cableway
  • Vring
  • collars
  • fairlead
  • washers
  • Port number for cyclists
  • bicycle brake pad
  • O-rings with diameters up to 1500 mm
  • Orings in special FKM material

Technical articles in rubber

We produce a range of excellent products for various sectors, from knobs for pressure regulators to flow regulators, dirt guards, packing machines for the pneumatic industry, household bellows, sports equipment, machines for cleaning, heat exchangers, air/water heat exchangers with hooks, silicone frames used in lighting industry, EPDM rubber frames, NBR and silicone for hydraulic pumps, advertising gadgets for bracelets made of non-toxic silicone in various colours, bicycle brake pads and ring/pulley for ski lift installations.


The O-rings are elements in various compounds that serve as mechanical seals. We produce elastomer rings and fluoroelastomers (FKM) in green and blue colours for the naval sector. The colour division allows you to easily identify a specific ring.We also produce materials with standard colours such as red and black for other sectors.
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